Climate Hysteria is again ramping up, but is it what we are told or just another control scheme?

Topher Field chats with Ian Plimer "this is all about power and this is all about money ... overwhelming information to show we are just being conned".

Professor Plimer is a rare gem (pun fully intended - he's a geologist) in the world of academia... one who speaks forthrightly and with deep and impeccable research to back him up... and does not bow in the slightest to the prevailing zeitgeist of the day.

He's labelled a 'climate change denier' by his detractors, as if he's some fool who is too ignorant of science to truly understand what's going on. But reading his latest book 'Green Murder' which contains no less than 1,667 external references to its source material, quickly demonstrates not only a depth of understanding but also a degree of scholarship which his detractors cannot hope to match.

As an interviewer I'm returning to the issue of Climate Change, some 9 years after my series of climate related interviews with eminent minds such as the late Prof Fred Singer. The issue of Climate Change is returning to the front-and-centre as Covid fades out of the media, and neither I nor Prof Plimer will be holding back as we explore the issue! So settle in! The whole idea of the Slow Chat is there's no time limits, no cutting people short to go to an ad break, and nothing is off limits. I'll dig as deep as I can (ahh the puns are going to be amazing!) into Prof Plimer's remarkable mind and discover the wealth the lies within.