Chaos Will Prevail Until 2026

Probably the most interesting talk you will hear all year - Dr. A Fursov, historian and Director of the Russian Research Institute at the Moscow Humanities University. Try and find the time for this one. A startlingly accurate analysis of the global elites and their intentions.

** IF you’re short on time – go to @63:00 for the #1 thing to do as we transition between systems.

@6:00 - Santa Fe conference by the NSA, what developmental scenario will the global community choose?

@7:45 - Sustainable energy is a farce

@8:15 - There is no overpopulation problem, but the only natural depopulation is occurring in Europe.

@13:00 - Are Western leaders handpicked from vetted yes-men?

@15:00 - 'Building back better' - A caste system not a class system

@16:30 - A race to the bottom? Why Capitalists are destroying Capitalism as a system.

@17:00 - Marxism & Leninism; why has the epitome of Russian history been dropped from Russian universities?

@28:00 - WWI & WWII as mechanisms to keep Capitalism flourishing.

@34:00 - Intentional slowdown - lack of cultural/ technological progress after the '60s.

@35:00 - The birth of ‘ecology ideology’.

@40:00 - Disintegration of the USSR, final lease of life for Capitalism.

@46:00 - Trump the ‘black swan’

@51:00 - System of post-Capitalism; middle class is the target!

@56:00 - Schwab, the new Bolshevik? The size of the resistance will decide our success.

@59:00 - Traditional values under attack of post-Capitalist society.

@62:00 - Time is of the essence; plan will fail if Russia/China/US pullout.

@63:00 - Education, community, family; key things to ride this out!