Climate Control - EU can no longer control their temps

INSANE - This is essentially CLIMATE LOCKDOWN. European countries are limiting indoor temperatures. Remember last year when I warned that the next steps would be climate change passports and climate lockdowns?\


The same people who told you years ago that covid passports were coming, are now warning you about digital ID, social credit scores and climate lockdowns.

Some people just laughed at me and thought that that could never happen, just like they thought that the covid passports could never happen either.

Well, here we are.

The Italian Ecological Transition Ministry has announced a new decree that LIMITS indoor temperatures, something I have now personally experienced.

I just arrived in Italy and I was met with this notice at the apartment.

I am not allowed to have more than 19C indoors (that is 66 Fahrenheit), and not only that, I must turn off the heating completely between 11pm and 5am! What are they thinking, am I supposed to freeze at night?

Well, that is the point. They know people need more heating at night when it is colder, so of course they just completely ban people from heating at all in the night.

Remember when we had to lockdown to save grandma? Now they are letting her freeze at night instead.