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Children's Health Defense Australian Chapter - Current Campaigns to Support

Below are our major campaigns at present. If you want your donation to specifically go to any of these campaigns please nominate the keyword with your donation:


  1. FLYERS. CHD-AU is printing brochures and distributing them nationally to inform parents of the risks of giving your child the Covid Jab. To find out more, go to Top 10 reasons to stop, think & consider.

  2. DR LETTERS. CHD-AU is printing letters and distributing them to Doctors Nationally to inform doctors of information that is being suppressed, that doctors can confirm for themselves independently. To find out more, go to Open letter to all doctors and all Australians


  1. AVN INJUNCTION. CHD-AU is getting behind the AVN Injunction to stop the jab to children. The AVN has raised $250K of a $300K target. Please help CHD-AU raise that extra $50K for AVN. To find out more, go to Urgent injunction – covid vaccine for children.

  2. 5G MORATORIUM. CHD-AU seeks to raise $15,000 to seek a formal legal advice and cost estimate (as a precursor to formal legal action) on the prospects of halting 5G in Australia until the risks and benefits are properly understood. (More info on 5G moratorium below)

  3. PAEDOPHILES. CHD-AU seeks to raise $15,000 to seek a formal legal advice and cost estimate (as a precursor to formal legal action) on the prospects of unlocking the police files on paedophiles allegedly running our government, our courts and our law enforcement agencies. These people have been protected by the government for 90 years because the government thinks it is in the National Interests to protect these paedophiles and in doing so, allow them to continue the abuse of children…sickening. (More info on paedophiles below)


Who’s been lying to you, relying on mercenary scientists, and ignoring the risk to you and your children for profit and convenience? Help CHD-AU find out!

  1. Remember when Professor Brendan Murphy assured the people 5G was safe and not Hazardous

Brendon Murphy’s Gov Announcement

Environment and Communities Safe from Radiation (ECSFR) LETTERS TO Brendan – Cease and Desist

  1. Remember when ABC 4 Corners told us the Russians were behind a plot to stop 5G:


ECSFR Rebuttal

  1. Remember when the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into 5G ignored the 90%+ of submissions speaking of harm and risk from 5G

Link to all submissions

ECSFR Submission to enquiry

  1. Remember when Dr Karl and the Government Regulators told us 5G, wi-fi in schools and cordless phones were safe

ABC ‘you don’t need to worry’


  1. Remember when the NSW Dept of Education assured parents wifi was safe for their kids in class

ECSFR Letter to Dept Ed – is it OK to put teachers and kids at risk of harm?


The US Courts show us there is no proof 5G is safe, there is substantial evidence of harm, and that Government has intentionally ignored harm since 1996!

The European Union tells us wireless radiation is definitely a carcinogen and toxin to the environment, probably carcinogenic in humans, definitely impacts male fertility and probably female. EC’s STOA Committee issues new report which calls for a halt to the expansion of 5G | EMFacts Consultancy

Environment and Communities Safe From Radiation (ECSFR)

PAEDOPHILES Watch former Senator Bill Heffernan’s address to Parliament calling for a Royal Commission into the institutions of the judiciary, of government and of law enforcement. Now please consider in what reality protecting paedophiles and allowing them to continue their abuse through that protection is in the ‘national interests’. Help CHD-AU expose these sick individuals and make them accountable for their crimes and the lifetime of damage they have done to children, to the full extent of the law.


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