CANCER & COVID-19 vaccines: are the COVID vaccines causing a sharp rise in cancers?

The COVID vaccine is deranging the immune system, April 2021 week 14 is the INFLECTION point. Look at the top graph; what happened globally especially in western nations, from February March 2021? The COVID vaccine was rolled out! Hugh Akston, Ethical Skeptic, Mercola, Brown hone in.

Dr. Paul Alexander

My key message based on the data we are seeing:

Cancer specialists are now reporting that a significant number of their cancer patients who have been in remission for many years are now faced with massive unchecked and uncontrollable growth of cancer and dramatic metastasis soon after their COVID jab.

A strong temporal relationship is being seen and reported. Bottom line is that we are seeing cancers that are returning with a ravaging vengeance and we are seeing a link right after the COVID vaccine.

Now let me show some stunning graphs that orient us to April 2021 or so, which lines up with the roll-out of the COVID injections (vaccines).

This graph below is stunning for while it clearly shows a roughly stable cyclical pattern for cancer diagnoses, we see that by April 2021, and if you look closely (8th date from the right side of the x-axis), you see the inflection point, where the baseline or nadir is clear and the uptick is sharp for cancers including deaths.