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AU LEGAL BOMBSHELL: 'National Cabinet' is not part of the Federal Cabinet.

All of its decisions have no legal force. You are free to ignore them. INCLUDING the one of 28 June 2021 mandating COVID-19 jabs for aged care workers.


Congratulations to Senator Rex Patrick of South Australia who took the Department of Premier and Cabinet to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and received a ruling that Scott Morrison's totalitarian 'National Cabinet' is NOT a real cabinet and cannot enjoy the same privileges of confidentiality/secrecy as a real cabinet.

View ruling:

This means every decision made in this secret club, that state premiers and chief ministers have been complicit with, could be blown wide open.

The secret 'National Cabinet' consists of:

Scott Morrison (Federal), Daniel Andrews (VIC), Annastacia Palaszczuk (QLD), Andrew Barr (ACT), Gladys Berejiklian (NSW), Michael Gunner (NT), Peter Gutwein (TAS), Steven Marshall (SA), Mark McGowan (WA).

It is time to stand-up and get rid of these totalitarian thugs from all sides and usher in a new government that believes in the liberty and freedom of all people and will create a process and system to listen to their voices.

UPDATE: 10/08/21 It's expected the decision will be appealed within the 28 appeal period, but if not, the information from the National Cabinet meetings will be available for public scrutiny.

On 3 August 2021, the Department of Health issued a document stating the following:

"It is at the discretion of States and Territories to determine the scope of RACF [Residential Aged Care Facility] workforce and exemptions within their jurisdictions to give effect to the National Cabinet decision. As much as possible, these directions will be aligned to ensure consistency across state borders.

States and Territories are finalising public health orders, or alternative state-based mechanisms, and are encouraged to share these drafts with the sector. We expect these directions to be finalised in the coming weeks and released ahead of the implementation of mandatory vaccination from mid-September."

This is an un-Australian coordinated attack on democracy, deals done in secrecy behind closed doors, against the will of the people, to set up the enforcement of a medical procedure.

It's time to say ENOUGH and hold these unworthy leaders to account, before the freedoms we have enjoyed in our wonderful country are forever gone.

We encourage every Australian to write to the Department of Premier and Cabinet under freedom of information (FOI) laws to seek the truth about what has been happening in these secret National Cabinet meetings - that were never lawful in the first place.

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