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You, Me and other Anti-Vaxxers are Good People

It is Time to De-Stigmatize the Word "Anti-Vaxxer"

I feel lucky that I started my Covid-skeptic substack a bit over a year ago. It was one of the best years of my life.

During this time, I met many amazing people opposed to Covid vaccines, mandatory vaccinations, and so on. Many of those, and even myself in the past, would say something like “I am opposed to vaccine mandates, but I am not an anti-vaxxer”.

I am sorry to say, but yes you ARE an anti-vaxxer — and that is a Good Thing!

Let me explain.

The term “anti-vaxxer“ is used to stigmatize and divide people. This word is used for the purposes of intimidation, as a wedge against the opposition. It is used to paint people who are asking questions, or oppose any one aspect of official agendas, as ignorant, stupid, science-hating troublemakers.


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