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Yes, Covid Vaccines UNSET and ERASE Natural Immunity

The GREAT RESET of Human Immunity

Remember how vaccine skeptics told people who had Covid, that the vaccine would UNSET their natural immunity? We had anecdotal evidence. I know some previously infected people who got vaccinated and then went on to be reinfected after vaccination (some twice). Finally, we have an article with plenty of data provided, that confirmed that our concerns were valid.

An interesting new article came out from NEJM. It discusses how effective was the Pfizer Covid vaccine among children. It is a large study that included 273,157 vaccinated children. What is extremely interesting is that they tracked, separately, four groups of children:

  • Unvaccinated children who did not have Covid (no immunity — naive comparison group for VE)

  • Unvaccinated children who had Covid (natural immunity)

  • Children who had Covid prior to vaccination (unset natural immunity)

  • Vaccinated children who never had Covid

The NEJM piece shows that children who had Covid and were subsequently vaccinated, were much more likely to get reinfected than their peers who also had Covid, and were NOT vaccinated.

In other words, for kids who had Covid, getting them vaccinated made them much more susceptible to reinfections. They should have stayed unvaccinated!


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