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World Economic Forum: ”rational reasons” to put tracking chips in children

How would you like to implant a chip in your child?

Remember when people laughed at you and called you a crazy conspiracy theorist for suggesting they would want to put microchip implants in people?

Guess what! In a post on the World Economic Forum website there has now been written an article suggesting that there are ”rational reasons” to implant a tracking chip in your child!

This is insane.

In the article the point is made that just like visual and hearing aids are a part of our lives today, chip implant technologies could become the norm in the future.

In other words, they want people to have chip implants in their bodies, think of it kinda like a cyborg. However the correct term would be transhumanism.

”For example, should you implant a tracking chip in your child? There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety. ” it says on the WEF website.

It is now required in many countries that we microchip our pets. How long until they want us to start microchipping our children? That could very well be a possibility the way things are going.

So what is it exactly that they are talking about? Well they are talking about ”augmentation” and give a few examples of implants and things people can get such as exoskeletons and brain-computer interfaces. Of course this will help humanity!

It will help ”children in a learning environment, professionals at work and ambitious senior citizens”. In other words, they want to build superhumans with the help of implants.


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