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World Economic Controlled Demolition

If they say 'you will own nothing', it's because they know there will be nothing to own.

by: Good Citizen

We have reached the economic destruction phase of management’s Silent War plans. The lockdowns that destroyed millions of small businesses over two years for a sniffles bug weren’t enough. Currency inflation from printing trillions isn’t happening fast enough. It’s time for the scorched earth period of the show, the ‘set your own house on fire’ scene of the second act in the globalist’s prepared play.

The price of oil is exploding up and gushing over the world like James Dean in the movie Giant. Soccer moms who spend all day watching real housewives reruns have no idea what’s coming, but when they do, they’ll unthinkingly alter their behavior and go out and buy the latest EV the government wants them to. Consumer behavior nudged through intentional economic pain.

The average price of gas will soon have doubled from a year ago. The American middle and working classes who don’t nudge will require diapers when filling the tank. The price of anything that needs to be transported will sky rocket. For the western consumer that’s pretty much everything.

This is intentional. The fear and angst from the plandemic are wearing off. The plebs had a brief taste of new normalcy, with masks, child abuse at schools, job losses and myocarditis management pills, but now must be herded back into the proper psychological corals. All of it helps hide the “sudden death syndrome” now plaguing the Covidian Borg. The farcical news bulletins get more hilarious by the day.

“Grocery shopping and the link to cardiac arrest, story at eleven.” “The pain at the pump has a new meaning. Find out on Good Morning Borg how gas prices can cause heart problems and what you can do to be ready for your sudden death.”

It’s not just sudden death gaslighting and the price of oil. Russia and Ukraine provide nearly a third of the global wheat supply, much of it to Egypt and North Africa. The Black Sea has been closed to exports while the bear does his mauling and the comic lets his people get mauled on orders of the empire, so that wheat exports are intentionally stalled.

The price of wheat will bring out the self-immolators of the Maghreb as it did during the last Arab spring. Global management would love to see thousands of self immolators this time around instead of just one. Will they be able to afford gasoline to pour over themselves if they can’t afford the wheat? Perhaps they can use their credit cards to stick it to the bankers before they go. ORIGINAL ARTICLE

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