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Will Swiss court action over vaccine injuries turn the worldwide tide?

CRIMINAL charges have been filed against the Swiss drugs authority on behalf of six people allegedly injured by the Covid vaccination. A team of lawyers and scientists have compiled a comprehensive evidence report and have made publicly available around 1,200 items of evidence, arguing that Swissmedic has created a risk to public health which significantly exceeds that of SARS-CoV-2.

They assert that the authority approved the new gene therapeutics, although the minimum standards required by law were never met, citing a lack of evidence as to the effectiveness of the vaccines, the failure to minimise the risks associated with that approval, and failing to protect the health of consumers. As a result, it is alleged, the public was misled by incomplete and untrue information about the actual benefit-risk ratio of the so-called vaccination.

The criminal complaint was filed on July 14, 2022, but the authorities have not responded. As a result, the lawyers held a press conference on November 14, four months later.

They pointed out that these mRNA preparations are not in fact vaccines, that they had neither positively influenced the course of the pandemic nor prevented deaths, and that over time, more and more groups have received warning signals, which Swissmedic ignored. The lawyers demand that the approval of all mRNA ‘vaccines’ be suspended, and criminal proceedings be opened against those responsible at Swissmedic. The first Cantonal proceedings against vaccinating doctors have already been opened.


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