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Why I'm not getting the jab

A gift to all of us from a retired New Zealand GP. This may be helpful when trying to explain your decision to friends, family or colleagues.

1. I have a 98.99% chance of surviving Covid 19 disease without treatment, (age and health based): with treatment it will likely be closer to 100% and I can prevent myself transmitting it to others by reducing my viral load with simple cheap methods. (some available from local supermarket for about NZ$24.00)

2. The injection is a gene therapy medicinal product, and Pfizer-BioNtech has not yet been approved or licensed by the FDA, and thus is experimental.

3. The safety study does not finish until January 2023, and while I know Pfizer has broken the code and injected the control group, I am still going to wait and consider myself happy to volunteer to be a control subject. No long-term side effects or adverse events can possibly be known at this time.

4. The genome for the mRNA used in the vaccine is 100% “in silico”, that is made up on a computer. The genome and thus the mRNA in the injection is 100% synthetic. No one in the world appears to hold a purified isolate of the SARS CoV2 virus.

5. mRNA in the blood stream would normally be rapidly destroyed and does not easily get into the cells. To get it into the cells the mRNA has been altered and instead of Uridine in the genome base pairs Pfizer have used a synthetic Uridyl molecule. It appears that this has radically altered how the mRNA works and has given it the ability to turn off Toll receptors 3,4, and 7. Toll receptor 4 is one of our tumour suppressor agents and turning it off appears to be leading to the recurrence of cancers otherwise in remission, and in the appearance of aggressive, dense and unusual tumours, including deep melanomas and uterine cancers. The switching off of the Toll receptors also appears to seriously compromise the innate immune system such that old latent viruses can reappear, such as herpes simplex, Zoster, HPV, (one pathologist in the US has already noticed an increase in abnormal Cervical smear tests) and even rabies, and one is less able to fight off regular infections.

6. The mRNA is also protected by lipid nanoparticles which can themselves be toxic and can not only cross, but open the blood brain barrier, thus allowing other circulating toxins, (eg, Glyphosate) viruses, and microbials into the central nervous system.

7. The mRNA is designed to make your cells produce spike protein. This has proved to be a pathogenic, (disease producing) protein causing extensive vascular, endothelial and organ damage.

8. The spike protein was supposed to be engineered to be membrane stable and attach to the muscle cells in the upper arm. Sadly, this wasn’t tested, and it is clear from biodistribution studies and adverse events that the spike protein circulates around the body.

9. The spike protein contains 26 epitopes, matching peptide sequences, with human tissues, thus potentially causing antibodies to these tissues to be made leading to auto immune disease.

10. The spike protein contains a prion, and as we have described this could get into the brain and cause prion diseases such as Creutzfeld-Jacob disease. (Like mad cow disease) Indeed two people in the USA have died of C-J disease within months of their second Pfizer injection, and one has been classified as vaccine caused. This adverse event was not expected to be seen for 12-18 months post injection.

11. No corona virus vaccine has been able to be made in the past as ADE, or Pathogenic Priming has occurred, and most of the animals in the trials have died. ADE is antibody dependant enhancement or disease enhancement, and when after getting a good antibody response the body, when exposed to the wild virus again, or perhaps another booster, produces a vast and unexpected paradoxical response and massive inflammatory cytokine storm often leading to severe illness or death.

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