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Who is "they"

Mapping the institutions and actors involved in the global iatrogenocide.

One of the weirdest things about the past two years is that it is obvious that there has been a massive power shift in the world, away from national governments towards some supranational collective that is somehow able to force governments throughout the world to all follow the same disastrous policies simultaneously (overriding Constitutions, laws, scientific best practices, and common sense). But it is not entirely clear who “they” are.

So, following up on my last article, I want to take a stab at defining who “they” are — as in, who are the people:

• developing and releasing bioweapons into the population; • suppressing safe and effective treatments; • destroying the global economy via lockdowns; • pushing dangerous shots with negative efficacy that maim, kill, and cause infertility at an astonishing rate; and • implementing global totalitarianism including the suspension of Constitutional rights and the introduction of central bank digital currencies, 24/7/365 digital surveillance, and vaccine/carbon/ESG passports.

Said simply who are the people pushing the global economy and society towards a permanent pandemic?

I look forward to reading your replies in the comments because I imagine there will be sharp disagreement about the components of the various layers in this schema.


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