When Will Mexico Build A Wall?

Disparate interconnected neighbors and the futility of devotion to an America that no longer exists.

What if there was someone you loved in life who was so damaged beyond repair that no matter what you did, no matter how you planned or schemed or made an effort to get them help, you knew in your mind every avenue was hopeless?

In A River Runs Through It, author Norman Maclean recalls one of the final sermons of his minister father in which he recounts the difficulties in understanding his younger brother Paul’s self-destructive gambling and drinking behavior that put him on a troubled path to an early death. His father proclaims that even those who elude us for reasons we may never know are still worthy of our love.

What if that someone you loved was poisonous and brought out the worst in you by abusing you, manipulating you, taking your money, exploiting your obedience, using your generosity and compliance, sacrificing your children, while making you promises that they knew would never be kept while offering you little to nothing in return knowing you’d still be there in the morning no matter what?

The psychologist would say you’re a victim, you’re being abused, perhaps even suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and you need to leave immediately and seek refuge where you can.

And what if that someone was instead the nation of your birth and its government that has spoiled and desecrated all of its once hallowed institutions while abusing you and threatening you with jail if the fruits of your labors are not paid every April by “tax day”?

The American people instinctually know their elected officials do not represent them. They know who they truly represent and to what ends it serves in their own destruction and yet every April people pay for this extortion racket like millions of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers because they know those who wise up and refuse will be made an example of in the same way the mafia does.

Taxation has always been government extortion and theft. It always will be no matter how righteous a government claims to be, and don’t they all?