What's the leading cause of death in Alberta in 2021?

It's not Covid.

Jessica Rose

Mark Steyn did a good episode recently that you can watch here. In this episode, he covers the leading cause of death in Alberta, Canada. I had to check this out. I headed over to open.alberta.ca to see if I could download the data and plot it for myself. I could, and sure enough, Mark was correct.

The number one cause of death listed in Alberta for 2021 was “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”. Not malignant neoplasms, not heart disease, not COVID-19: some ‘unknown’ cause. What do you think Canadians? Do you believe that the uh-anti-uh-Fringe-uh-minority-guy-uh, uh-pushing experimental injections into every uh-Canadian soul should look into those shots being the etiological agents? Should I also say it in French to appear intelligent? Croyez-vous que les euh-anti-euh-Fringe-euh-minority-guy-euh, euh-poussant des injections expérimentales dans chaque âme euh-canadienne devraient examiner ces injections comme étant les agents étiologiques? Duh.