WEF: "Climate Reparations" on Top of the Agenda

You Owe Reparations Because you Emit Too Much CO2!

Igor Chudov

Here’s another important WEF agenda article from yesterday. If you, my reader, happen to live in a “wealthy nation,” please be aware that at the “top of the agenda” of COP27 and the WEF is making YOU pay reparations to the less fortunate nations who suffer from inclement weather, which is often called “climate change.”

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@markusspiske

The gathering is expected to focus on whether wealthy nations that have emitted most of the carbon dioxide historically fuelling climate change should compensate for 'loss and damage' to developing countries that have not contributed significantly to the problem and are the least prepared for its impacts.

The reparations talk is not exactly new but is reaching a fever pitch. The plan is to set up a “response fund” that would accept monies and then distribute funds to poor nations or other “sustainable projects”. The WEF’s article is very silent on who will be selected to manage this fund, so I leave that to your imagination.