WEF Article from 2018 -"Sri Lanka PM: This is how I will make my country rich by 2025"

Captured by the wayback machine, this now-edited article on the World Economic Forum's website from 2018 provides an insight into the global elite, peppered with their usual marketing buzzwords and their desires "to build a city of the future". Now a country in ruins, with Sri Lankans fleeing the country due to lack of food and energy, one must consider if this is the future we will face under the thumb of the globalists?

From the article:

This is an important moment in Sri Lanka’s development, as the country continues to deliver on its plans for economic development and stands on the cusp of a transition to a knowledge-based economy.

Since the country and its people saw a vibrant transition in its political landscape in January 2015, further bolstered by the August 2015 general elections that formed a national unity government – a first ever political experience for the country since its nearly seven decades of independence – Sri Lanka has put in place many of the building blocks needed to reinvigorate its socio-economic and political architecture.

We have achieved many positive gains over the last three years through bold policy initiatives and pragmatic strategies, that enabled the country to win back recognition and friendly engagements with the rest of world. This has been a key foreign policy achievement of our government. Doors are open again for constructive and friendly engagements that have eased economic and political pressures. However, as per the expectations of all our people, there is more to achieve and the government plans with due diligence to make Sri Lanka regain its centrality in the Indian Ocean and become a knowledge-based, highly competitive hub with a dynamic social-market economy.