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WEF: A Trade Organization on Steroids

Warriors must recognize the true name and nature of their opponent.

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Words and their meanings are tricky things. Clever people, con artists, liars and CIA agents (which are all of the above, in my experience) are often very skilled at using language and manipulating both meaning and emotions to hide their true intent.

Wikipedia, an organization that is generally very friendly to the World Economic Forum and its agenda, defines the WEF as follows:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation[1] based in Cologny, canton of Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded on 24 January 1971 by German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab. The foundation, which is mostly funded by its 1,000 member companiestypically global enterprises with more than five trillion US dollars in turnover – as well as public subsidies, views its own mission as "improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas".

Simplifying that for sake of discussion, the WEF is a trade organization which is designed to advance the business interests of extremely wealthy companies and their owners (generally referred to as “Davos Man”). Global enterprises with more than five trillion US dollars in turnover is a very small and elite group. Five trillion dollars (that would be five million million dollars, or five thousand billion) in annual revenue makes for a very exclusive club, as illustrated by the latest Forbes 2000 international ranking (from 2021).

What is a trade organization? Back to Wikipedia.

“A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business association, sector association or industry body, is an organization founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry. An industry trade association participates in public relations activities such as advertising, education, publishing, lobbying, and political donations, but its focus is collaboration between companies. Associations may offer other services, such as producing conferences, holding networking or charitable events, or offering classes or educational materials.”

Yup. If the shoe fits, wear it.


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