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Weaponization of Language and Law: US Government Bioterrorism Program from 1969 to Covid

It’s not an experiment. It’s an attack.

The recipients of Covid-19 bioweapons, and now all products classified as ‘vaccines,’ are not patients or subjects in clinical research trials.

The recipients of Covid-19 bioweapons are military targets.

The US Government is not testing novel, investigational medicinal treatments to protect or cure people.

The US Government is using intentionally lethal weapons to injure and kill people.

Military officers don't ask targets for permission to use weapons to injure and kill the targets.

Military officers follow orders from superior officers, up to the Commander-in-Chief, the US President, to use weapons to injure and kill targets.

The products are not a class of medicinal treatments administered to protect the recipients from infectious disease (the former meaning of ‘vaccines.’)

The products are a class of bioweapons administered to protect the US Government, its central bank owners, and its land and resources, from their enemy: healthy, living men, women and children.


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