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We've been censored by Australia Post.

It's a sad day for Australia when your right to access freely available information and alternative viewpoints is censored. That day has come much sooner than we expected.

Some of you may have found your way here from our flyers - which were being distributed via Australia Post, a service we paid a considerable sum for.

ICA was today notified by email that our our flyer "does not meet community standards in regards to reasonableness, decency and honesty" and they are halting delivery, effective immediately.

We are, quite frankly, shocked at the censorship action taken by Australia Post to silence a group of concerned community members. We are seeking legal advice, but we thought it was prudent for our readers to know the state of affairs in Australia - the situation is obviously a lot more dire than we thought and further highlights our reasons for doing what we are doing.

Please help us by sharing this website with family and friends who may have questions about the safety and efficacy of this vaccine rollout, as many of us do.

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