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We Need to Talk About Mr. Global

Catherine Austin Fitts & CJ Hopkins discuss the globalist takeover - Part One of a Four part series!

CJ Hopkins

So, almost exactly a year ago, I hopped into a van with a German film crew and drove to a little fishing village in The Netherlands to talk with Catherine Austin Fitts about what I call “GloboCap” and she calls “Mr. Global,” and the rollout of the New Normal, and the Going Direct Reset, and propaganda, and totalitarianism, and the Federal Reserve System, and God, and other things like that.

Our talks turned into a four-part series, We Need to Talk About Mr. Global, the first part of which is being released today … today being Sunday, August 28.

The series is produced by OVALmedia, the honcho of which is Robert Cibis, who has been producing and directing documentaries and interviews, organizing roundtables of experts and analysts, and trying to get the facts out to the public in an incredibly fact-unfriendly environment for the better part of two and a half years now. If you’ve been following my newsletters and Consent Factory columns, you have a sense of the oppressive atmosphere here in Germany, the censorship, financial threats, and so on. For example, in July, YouTube deplatformed OVALmedia’s popular German, English, French, and Italian channels.

So it goes these days in the New Normal Reich.

Anyway, Part One of the Mr. Global series will be available on OVALmedia’s website and on Odysee at 8:15PM CET (and thereafter, in case you can’t tune in tonight).


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