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Vaccine Failures rebranded as "Breakthrough Cases"

It's no longer possible to hide the number of 'breakthrough cases" formerly known as vaccine failures. In Israel, a country with one of the world's highest vaccination rates, in just 6 months, a disturbing set of data points emerge with breakthrough infections across the majority of vaccinated populations.

Naturally, the solution is to "strongly" boost protection with a 3rd shot against the Delta variant, so Pfizers data "suggests". .

What happened to the initial promise of '96% effective'?

So what happens if another variant pops up? The media doesn't have anything to say about that distinct possibility. Will continual shots be the solution?

Infections in vaccinated people in U.K. are now outpacing infections in the unvaccinated.

Israel is certainly one to watch, along with Iceland and the UK. With comparatively high vaccination rates - and now the US reintroducing mask mandates for the vaccinated - the 'ending lockdowns once vaccinated' carrot that has been consistently dangled in front of us to entice us into taking an experimental jab may turn out to be a mirage.


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