"Unexplained" surge in non-Covid deaths triggers calls for probe

This would be laughable if it wasn't for the sad fact that record numbers of people are filling up the hospitals and mortuaries - and not just in the UK - in every highly vaccinated country. A notable amount of heart issues, blood clots, menstrual disorders and immune function disorders, all mentioned as potential 'rare' side effects on the vaccine safety data, yet authorities are supposedly clueless about the cause.

Doesn't anyone recall the experimental jabs that have been forced on people around the world for the last year?

Jabs that ARE NOT stopping Covid and actually seem to be having the opposite effect? Jabs that even the heavily biased Rueters agrees are still in clinical trial until 2023? And by 'trial' we mean force them on every man, woman and child using mandates and the threat of losing their jobs, freedom, ability to travel, go to shops and more until they 'agree' to comply.

It appears that the global experiment has slipped down the memory hole. And the mainstream media, who have manipulated and deceived the public every step of the way, are more than happy to sniff out any opportunity to add to Covid case numbers, selling overblown fear every step of the way. No difference if they were a false positives attributed to a highly flawed test, a test that is now not recommended by the CDC.

So now, not only are Covid cases accelerating in highly vaccinated countries, all cause mortality and hospitalisations are noticeably rising, especially in younger people, prompting calls for probes into the cause.

This is why we MUST keep pushing for justice of the many, many victims of this horrendous abuse of human rights, and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Oh how good they are at explaining it all away, and Fauci's solution? More shots of course ... Sadly, many keep believing them, and the enormous toll on human health grows larger by the second.

Scotland is 87% adult vaccinated; weekly deaths are now 30% above normal.

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