This Pivotal Moment, vaccine passports and where we're headed

We stand at a pivotal moment in history. The true scale of what's at stake cannot be overstated.

This is not a message of fear and division. This is a message of hope. A message of unity. This is sounding the alarm of calling attention to the imminent danger we all face.

We are born free sovereign beings on this beautiful Earth. We are all brothers and sisters. We are one human family, regardless of color, creed, or nationality.

We need to stand up. To stand united to say enough is enough. We've seen through the tricks. We see the plan clearly now, and we will not allow our freedom to be taken from us. The torch of liberty will not be taken from us. Not now. Not ever. And certainly not on our watch.

Our moment has come to defend it for future generations. To fan its flames and to pass it on intact and invigorated to the generations that follow us. We must say in unison, "We will not let you down." If this message resonates with you, please share it, for the time to act is now.

17 minutes