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They are now blaming all the deaths after vaccination on Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder (PPSD)

I'm serious. You cannot make this stuff up. Even if you tried.

(The comments show the public isn't falling for this total nonsense)

Steve Kirsch

OK, get this… (this is not a joke)…

Physicians are now blaming post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD) for all the cardiac deaths (that are only happening to vaccinated patients shortly after they get the vaccine).

I’m serious. You can’t make ()*&U like this up. You really can’t.

Even El Gato Malo cannot believe we’ve come this low.

Last week it was climate change. Before that it was cannabis use disorder (CUD). Now it is PPSD. Click the image if you don’t believe me.

Note that the more common affliction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), doesn’t affect your heart at all.

But “post-pandemic” stress? Well now, that’s completely different! Apparently, PPSD can cause myocarditis, cardiac arrest, etc. It seems only to happen to vaccinated patients, generally shortly after vaccination. Nobody knows why that is. The mechanism of action is unknown. Here’s the key difference:

  1. For treating PTSD, you only need a therapist.

  2. For PPSD, you only need a cardiologist.

Clear? Boy, they are simply NEVER going to figure out that the vaccines are the cause of all this, are they?


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