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The proof “vaccinations” are causing Covid-19-classified "deaths" and "cases"

Just briefly, many countries that did not have any Covid-19 cases for quite a while, if at all, suddenly find themselves in an epidemic wave as soon as they commence with Covid-19 “vaccinations”. On or two of these could be discounted as a coincidence, but many more make it a pattern.

Now, the statistical data available on per country basis varies considerably in quality, reporting delays, “bunching up” of multiple days-worth of data at time. Also, the cumulative data sometimes does not agree too well with 7-day averages or daily statistics.

So, we are looking at newly established bureaucratic data collection systems as they learn and evolve. So we should, on one hand, give them some slack and, on the other hand, try our best to see the forest for the trees.

Another quirkiness to be aware of is that not all batches of “vaccines” are created equal, on purpose or otherwise. I can provide so far two solid pieces of evidence in this regard. On is the already mentioned by me article in THE EXPOSE from Nov.1, 2021 “EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data”.

Another one is the leak of the EMA correspondence in regard to the manufacturing and control processes of Pfizer’s “vaccine”, and then the flurry of cover-the damage-control communiques and announcements that followed, as described in “Data Leak Exposes Early COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Hiccups”. Please let me know if you have other corroborating evidence.

Our North Star in this endeavour will be the brilliant observation by William Farr from c.a. 1840 that “The death rate is a fact; anything beyond this is an inference”.

Therefore, we always identify when the Covid-19-reported deaths start picking up in any given country, and then snoop around for other concomitant clues. Except to stress that we are not talking the old run-of-the-mill epidemic deaths here.

As has been brilliantly described by Scott McLachlan and re-posted by Mathew Crawford in “Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality, Part I” back in Jul. 2021:

When you bring the three components (spreadsheets) of the VAERS data together you will note the first recorded symptom that is reported for every person who died in the column called Symptom 1, by the VAERS people rather than the reporter, is COVID-19.

When by email to the CDC VAERS email account I requested why COVID-19 was recorded against every person we were told that: this is so we can be certain they are recorded in the national COVID-19 case and death statistics. The people running VAERS consider the deaths to be COVID-19 related, not COVID-19 vaccine related.

It seems from the data below that this practice has been institutionalized worldwide. So, when we see Covid-19 attributed deaths occurring concomitantly with the “vaccination” drives, we will know that we are dealing here, in reality, with “vaccine” produced deaths, ditto for cases. I am trying to use daily data charts, whenever available, otherwise weekly of cumulative graphs whichever has more data points. On the left there are vaccination doses given and, below, the cumulative graph of people vaccinated. In the right column, the deaths chart is on the top (as the most reliable, according to William Farr, indicator) and the cases chart is below. With all these beautiful charts at our disposal (courtecy of, let’s get down to business, starting with the most notorious examples. 1. Cambodia Population: 16.7 million. Having no more than 478 cases all the way till Feb. 10, 2021 and 0 (zero) deaths, Cambodian authorities thought it imperative to vaccinate its people to protect them from the looming threat. First noticeable jabs started flowing into people’s arms around Feb. 19, 2021. We can see immediate response in cases. It seems like the first batches used were non-lethal as the Covid-19” deaths started picking up only after Mar. 10, 2021, by which time they managed to vaccinate the whopping 1.26% of its people. It has not been as good for Cambodians never since Mar. 10, and the deaths are now popping together and in tandem with the “vaccination” drives. Oct. 31, 2021: 2,788 cumulative deaths and 118,427 cases.



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