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The Next One: Autumn 2024

Lab created "viruses" in service of "vaccines."

After everything that’s transpired over the past eighteen months, they haven’t bothered to recall any toxic poisons posing as “vaccines.” That’s how we know they’re working as intended.

What other explanation could there be that “health” agencies haven’t recalled such deadly and destructive injections if they didn’t want the death and destruction to continue?

They’re still promoting the boosters, and simultaneously fear-mongering a new Covid “variant” that in their words “escapes the vaccines,” all while ignoring the sudden death “coincidences” happening on youth sports fields, at sports journalists’ desks, in airline cockpits and on live television programs for all the world to pretend there’s nothing to see there.

That’s seriously their latest message:

Get your booster to protect yourself and others from a variant that is vaccine-resistant.


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