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THE GREAT REALIGNMENT: 2023 Trends and Predictions from 21WIRE

In last year’s Trends and Predictions for 2022 we saw plenty of creative chaos for sure, identifying a number of breaking trends and global developments – many of which accelerated to become major stories later that year. As much as any other year in living memory, this was truly the year of the apocalypse. When we say apocalypse, we are not referring to the Hollywood concept which is synonymous with Armageddon. Instead, we use the literal translation from Greek Latin, which means “the lifting of the veil.” But the epic tale that was 2022 and the beginning of the Great Awakening – has set the stage for a Great Realignment in 2023. Look for unlikely allies who share common values – to now join forces to overcome the globalist-corporatist attack on humanity, as we band together to defend our basic rights, freedoms, and traditions.

Many trends will continue to permeate into the new year. The wars will still rage, and refugee flows will continue from the Global South and into the Northern Hemisphere. Other trends include: the decline of the woke ideologies as the insurgent cultural Zeitgeist in the West, as well as disruptive A.I. technologies entering to fore. Expect reactionary responses like the emerging Neo-Ludite movement which will seek to re-appropriate technology in balance with real life. More than anything though, energy, finance, the economy, crypto and CBDCs will dominate a large chunk of domestic political and international geopolitical concerns in 2023.

So here it is – a snapshot of some of what we see coming down the pipeline in 2023…


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