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The fly and the cannon

When our Health Minister, Greg Hunt, was famously hospitalised after receiving his AstraZeneca vaccine, with cellulitis announced as the cause, in spite of cellulitis being named as a known and fatal reaction, officials claim there is no causal link.

After spending $24 million taxpayer dollars to convince us to take the jab, how this is unfolding is really becoming quite the fly in their ointment with their attempts to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Apart from the understandable apprehension caused by the lack of long-term safety and efficacy studies, the other reason for vaccine hesitancy is that it is becoming more widely-known that the tool being used as the gold standard for diagnosing SARS-CoV-2, the RT-PCR test, is flawed. This became known after the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an information notice in December 2020, followed by a news release in January 2021.


Blog post courtesy of Sandy Barrett of Advocate Me.

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