The Dark Winter for the Unvaccinated

A useful reminder.

As we are dealing with the another wave of contagion fearporn, I would like to revisit the topic of the “dark winter for the vaccinated” from last year.

Remember the dark winter for the unvaccinated?

The Daily Beast even assigned an appropriate rubric to the story!

Well, I am in a community of mostly unvaccinated people, and I don’t know of anyone who died from COVID this past winter. Or after. And yes, the engineered synthetic spike protein is a toxin—and on environmental exposure, our bodies react to it like bodies react to toxins. Occasionally, someone gets spike poisoning—and they deal with the poison by either just resting or taking supplements and the horse dewormer.

(Speaking of the horse dewormer, here is a really interesting paper by Dr. Sabine Hazan that suggests a mechanism of action; she proposes that it feeds good bacteria in the gut, which is critical to our immune response; and yes, there could be many mechanisms of action, and there certainly are different opinions about viruses, etc.

On a side note, it is true that at any point, mad scientists can come up with new synthetic biology and release it; I was just reading about a DARPA project from a few years ago where they took insects, infected them with genetically modified pathogens, and released them, allegedly into greenhouses—and on contact with plants, the pathogens edited the genes of the plants in real time, and the change was heritable.)

None the less, right now, I don’t know of any unvaccinated people who passed away during the proverbial “dark winter.” Or later.