The CDC Opened Up Public Comments on Mandatory Covid Vaxes for Children: The Blowback is Glorious

"I am Dr. Sheila Furey. I have been practicing medicine for over 25 years. I am seeing Covid vaccine injured patients every day in my practice"...

The Centers for Disease Control and Infection has opened up public comments for its imminent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) vote on adding Covid-19 shots to its annual childhood vaccination schedule.

The public remarks are but a taste of the political blowback that is in store for Democrats if the CDC rams through adding Covid shots to its list of recommended annual childhood vaccinations.

"I am writing to implore you to not make the Covid vaccines a mandatory vaccine for children. Children are not at risk from Covid and the vaccines do NOT prevent anyone from being contagious and giving Covid to someone else. The vaccines are still experimental and there have been children who have been injured or have died after receiving the M-RNA vaccine. Thank you, Lisa Callanan RNC, MSN."

"I am appalled by the CDC and FDA push to force mRNA vaccinations on our entire population especially children and low risk groups. I oppose any attempts to coerce or mandate COVID19 vaccinations until the vaccines are proven safe and effective as other vaccines have been and the manufacturers are accountable for the safety of their products. Our Governments (State & Federal) are not protecting the citizens against COVID but perpetuating a false narrative to protect previous bad decisions and corporate profits, this is very concerning to me as a citizen of this great nation." — Barry Barnett