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The Blackrock-Biden Admin: behemoth ESG mafia firm adds to White House roster

From the White House to BlackRock and now back to the White House.

For the uninitiated: BlackRock is the chief promulgator of the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) movement in the financial world. If the World Economic Forum is the think tank and narrative shop of the global elite, BlackRock is the asset manager of this class. Notably, the two parties share the same goal in implementing the enviro authoritarianism scam popularized by WEF founder Klaus Schwab, which they refer to as “stakeholder capitalism.”

Essentially, BlackRock pretends to care about the environment, but the purpose of the ESG charade is to grow an anti-competitive economic mafia, and make it very difficult for financial institutions to move their money around in the economy without pledging an oath of fealty to Blackrock’s pseudo advocacy. If you don’t play Blackrock’s game, well, you will own nothing and you will be happy, as the saying goes.

Not being ESG compliant on Wall St is a death sentence for firms, so companies make sure to play along with Blackrock’s game and pretend that they too truly care about the environmental statist agenda. It’s one giant charade to make sure the same handful of firms stay atop the hierarchy.

BlackRock is a symptom of a broken financial system, and the pretend wokesters with a predatory business model unsurprisingly have maintained great relations with democrat administrations.


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