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The American Public is Extremely Worried About the Vaccines

It appears I greatly underestimated the coming outrage our leadership is facing on this issue.

A Midwestern Doctor

For most of my lifetime, I have watched people be seriously injured by pharmaceuticals and have their plight be ignored either because:

•The injuries were subtle enough they could not be recognized unless someone was trained to identify them (which most doctors are not). In turn, one of the great difficulties I’ve had throughout my career is continually observing medical injuries that are rarely identified by my colleagues (and which often are necessary to treat in order to alleviate the patient’s current issue).

•Not enough people were affected, so it was easy enough for the press to cover it up. In previous eras, when the media was not bought out, this censorship did not exist (Sharyl Attkisson has done the best job of identifying when this started), and much less harmful products were correctly exposed for what they were. For example, consider this report on the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine fiasco, which would never air on television today:


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