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TGA website reveals 303 deaths following vaccination - 1 death from Covid for same period.

Without any further investigation or requested for autopsy reports by the TGA, it's mentioned that it "does not suggest that the vaccine caused these deaths."

Yet, no matter how many co-morbidities or how unwell the patient was, one positive PCR test and every COVID death is counted as such, whether COVID was the leading cause of death or not. A huge double standard!

Using common sense, yes it's statistically likely that not all of these deaths were directly attributed to the vaccine, however, to discount EVERY SINGLE DEATH following vaccination is a nothing short of an insult to those who lost their lives and reeks of a cover-up by the medical institution.

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Meanwhile, the TGA has already purchased 53.8 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, yet is now quietly now "not recommending" it for under 60's and is now phasing out the vaccine altogether by October. Why is that, when we have a massive stockpile of this vaccine and we've been told for months it was 'safe and effective'? Surprisingly, people are still lining up for this shot.

Love him or hate him, Clive Palmer is one of the few raising important questions about these deaths and has a new website, updated regularly with new information, if you'd like another perspective:

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