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Terminal Incompetence or Fraud?

Propaganda Fairytale for Terminally Gullible... ahem... Case Study on Moderna Published by Harvard Business School

Sasha Latypova

I friend sent me a published case study from Harvard Business School describing Moderna’s “success story”. As a graduate of another business school (Dartmouth College), I am familiar with HBS case studies – they are teaching materials used for discussion in class, and mostly deal with business problems or managerial issues. The document that I read is a nauseating PR puff piece, empty of real content and full of hot air. Moderna’s product is a massive scientific and regulatory fraud, a bio-chemical warfare agent forced on people through lies, propaganda and “mandates” with catastrophic consequences, but the HBS writers seem oblivious to it. They seem to believe the fairytale about making of a safe and effective cure for a “terrible novel virus” in just 40 days by a company with no previous products but a long proven history of well-funded failures.

The level of reckless disregard for product safety, rational drug design, rigorous testing and quality control in biologics manufacturing is astounding. The strangely unchecked behavior by a publicly owned company is represented as some sort of an achievement worthy of accolades, as if any company that follows laws, regulatory requirements and ethical standards is simply silly, doesn’t know how to compete, and is not run by “visionaries”.

HBS famously produced Jeffrey Skilling of Enron. In a surprisingly self-aware article on its website, HBS states that: IF YOU LOOK AT A LOT OF THE FRAUD CASES, BEFORE FRAUD THERE WAS TERMINAL INCOMPETENCE.

I couldn’t agree more.

The case study paper starts by breathlessly recounting how CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel learned about covid-19 coronavirus in January 2020, and the whole vaccine design took just a few days afterwards.


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