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Sydney Protesters blamed for potential 'superspreader', DOH: not one case of outdoor transmission

The manipulative mainstream media never miss an opportunity to create more division, with reports of a potential 'super spreader event' being broadcast while the protest was still underway - despite giving the BLM protests the green light last year.

Describing protesters as 'halfwits' and 'boofheads', the narrative surrounding the protests was heavily biased, slandering those who dared to stand up to the oppressive anti-science lockdowns.

Yet on July 5th, the Department of Health confirmed there has not been a single case of outdoor transmission for the entire pandemic.

What a contrast in reporting to last year, when the BLM protests in the midst of lockdown were completely supported by the media:

Many took to social media pointing out the media's hypocrisy, with a particular video by Channel 9 broadcast after the BLM protests doing the rounds.

"Fresh air and sunlight are not only essential for maintaining some sanity during lockdown, they're also helping to keep us safe"

The presenter continues: "While busy beaches and packed parks might seem like a Covid risk, there hasn't been a single case of outdoor transmission since the pandemic began"

"But, when you look at the science, there has been not one case in NSW, even Australia, where someone has caught the virus outdoors.

The fresh air disperses and dilutes virus particles, making it very difficult to transmit with any strength. And the liquid droplets that carry Covid evaporate in the outdoors"

View news report:

Further confirmation that outdoor transmission is a myth, a quick look at Melbourne's case numbers reveals no upswing, despite thousands taking to the streets on Saturday 24th.

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