Spike Protein Vaccinations—are they a ticking time bomb?

When you were six years old your favourite aunt kissed you on the lips and transferred a potentially deadly virus into your body, which you experienced as glandular fever—the Epstein-Barr virus. Then it was forced into dormancy as the immune system improved in competency—but it is always a ticking time bomb.

As you get older, like all people you allow yourself to experience emotional stress. During those times your immune system becomes depressed and this virus can reactivate, but is normally forced back into dormancy. A time comes when you are really stressed, not looking after yourself—run down—and this virus reactivates and overwhelms your immune system to cause immune communication scarring. This permanently causes a specific type of immune incompetency, maybe an autoimmune disease. The virus is then able to regularly cycle its population and increase its ability to infect others—through kissing.

The periodic cycling of this virus causes many types of chronic illnesses, debility and fatigue—it causes poor life quality. When you are older and your immune system is progressing into senescence, at some point in its continuous decrease in competency, this virus outcompetes immune surveillance and causes the formation of Hodgkins lymphoma (or any one of dozens of different types of cancer), from which you die before your time.

Although more than ninety-seven percent of the world’s population have this virus in their bodies, most do not experience this particular sequence of events, but through their lifestyle—being in the wrong place, wrong time with a stressed immune system, this ticking viral time bomb can explode and permanently ruin anyone’s health and longevity.

When you were eight years old, your favourite aunt again kissed you on the lips and transferred another potentially dangerous virus. This is a cousin of the Epstein-Barr virus called the cold-sore virus (Herpes simplex) Nearly seventy percent of the world have this virus infecting the nerve cells mostly of the face. It can be a ticking time bomb as it lies dormant and hidden from the immune system.

It is able to reactivate and cause illness and discomfort. In many people it reactivates due to emotional stress; in others when they get sunburned; in some women when they menstruate. During these events, a small population of the virus travels to the lips, replicates and forms a weeping lesion which allows it to infect other people. This virus is not lethal until a time in life when you allow your immune system to lose a fair amount of immune competency through your lifestyle. Then it has the ability to infect the nerves of the nasal passage, where it can travel directly to the brain and cause herpes simplex encephalitis. This condition kills almost seventy percent of people who allow this illness to occur. This is why this virus is a ticking bomb and you can set it off just through your poor lifestyle.

You decide to get an mRNA experimental ‘gene therapy vaccination’. You may have introduced a ticking time bomb into your body. Why is this? Isn’t this ‘vaccination’ supposed to make you immune to SARS Cov-2?