Spike protein from Vaccination found in Heart and Brain after Autopsy

Wasn't the vaccine meant to stay in the injection site?

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Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

A case report published two days ago in Vaccines Journal, confirms what we all know (from non-narrative scientists and the Pfizer documents) but has been denied since vaccination began. Another conspiracy theory come true. I’m struggling to find any conspiracy theories that don’t come true at the moment.

This case report concerns a 76 year old man with Parkinson’s disease who died three weeks after his booster jab. His first dose in May 2021 was AstraZeneca and the subsequent two in July and December 2021 were Pfizer.

After his first jab, he experienced cardiovascular symptoms which needed medical care and from which he recovered only slowly. After the second dose, he had behavioural and psychological changes, as well as a sudden onset of marked progressions of his Parkinson’s symptoms.

After his third dose he suddenly collapsed and fell off his chair without coughing or any signs of food aspiration. After intense resuscitation he recovered before a week later silently collapsing again.

Death was recorded as aspiration pneumonia but due to ambiguous clinical signs before death, the family requested a post-mortem examination.