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Silent Health Crisis Rips Through Australia: Nationwide Excess Mortality - 18%

“And it doesn’t look like it’s leveling off.”

“Something is going on in Australia that needs to be explained,” asserted former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd. “18% excess mortality is a disaster.” But “We have crickets over there in their national media.” So Ed joined Del Bigtree on The Highwire Thursday (12/15/2022) to report his findings. He’s not sure how to tell the entire story, but “the data is the data.”

Here’s the First Chart

Excess Deaths, 2020-2022 (All Age Groups)

So in 2020, Australia had about -2% excess mortality. In 2021, it rose to +4%, and in 2022, it soared all the way up to +18%.

“Let’s ask this question,” proposed Ed Dowd.


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