'Secrecy and lies': Vic Supreme Court finding reveals govt 'not upfront' on QR code data

Sky News host Caleb Bond says it's "secrecy and lies at every single turn" amid revelations the Victorian government tried to cover up a Supreme Court ruling which found contract tracing data could be accessed by third parties. It comes as a secret Supreme Court ruling confirmed personal information shared with Victorian contract tracers does not have absolute protection.

The new ruling means third-party companies, crime-fighting agencies and other authorities like WorkCover can apply to access the data. The finding – discovered by the Herald Sun newspaper – revealed Victoria’s COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar launched a legal bid to have the court case suppressed for five years.

Since the start of the pandemic contract tracers have maintained any details shared would only be used for public health purposes. "The Victorian COVID Response Commander Jeroen Weimar told the court that revealing the truth that our contact tracing data was at risk would undermine confidence in the system – you're not kidding," Mr Bond said. "If our data isn't being used in the way we were told it will be – if we're being lied to by the government – why would we tell them everything about ourselves?"