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Science magazine finally catches up with the Science 2 years later

Another “conspiracy theory” that would get you suspended on social media was that if you had been previously infected, memory T cells would help protect you against future disease.

Anyone with an ounce of critical thinking capacity asked, “if I have already had Covid, why would I need to get vaccinated? Why not give the vaccine to someone who might need it or just not buy my dose in the first place?” The High Priests of The Science™ would then begin their gaslighting, trying to convince you that natural immunity does not exist and that vaccination is the only way to protect yourself.

However, as with most recent “conspiracy theories”, this one is again proven to be true and the High Priests, unable to hide these facts, quickly switch to gaslighting again. This time, gaslighting that they knew this stuff the whole time and it has all been some gigantic misinterpretation.

The latest article in Science, whilst still focussing on vaccines, acknowledges the important role T cells play. They say “accumulating data suggest that T cell responses play an important role in vaccine protection against severe COVID-19 disease, particularly against viral variants that partially escape from recognition by NAbs.”


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