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Rolling with the Punches

What is one to do? We are living in an illusion...

... one that only shrews are aware of. The world seems to be humming along as it did before the Covid onslaught of lies and deceit (well, there really was no “before” that was not also filled with “lies and deceit”). How are we supposed to handle this illusion? Are we supposed to ignore the seeming calm and run through the streets with our swords drawn screaming, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! We have not yet begun to fight!!” (I know, two nautical quotes from different sources, mashed together, forgive me.) Or are we supposed to have tea on the veranda with the other sheep, pretending to be one of them and just enjoy the end of the intolerable horror we have been experiencing for the past three years? Immersed in blissful ignorance, as babies die, and the scourge of tyranny marches on, just under the radar.

My, my, what to do, what to do.

This is a serious question, a question I do get asked often, and also ask myself often. What is a shrew to do?

I am sitting here staring off into the distance as I ponder that question myself for this article. I really don’t know. It was much easier when it was much more obvious. When Fauci was making his ludicrous statements, when people were terrified and were wearing masks everywhere, and keeping the magic three feet of distance from one another. It was easier to know what to do with our anger and frustration when we were barred from restaurants, sporting events, funerals, hospitals, and theatres due to our leper status of “unvaccinated.” Well, maybe it wasn’t all that clear what to DO, but at least it was clear we had a stance, a purpose in our anger and frustration.

Now that “everything has returned to normal” we are at a loss. It is relatively easy for many of us to momentarily forget what all the fuss was about, and go on with our daily lives blinded, almost like sheep, to the real issues we were so charged about just a few months ago. We know, if we look under the covers, that all those issues are still raging on. Now we have to make the effort to look, before it was all right in our face.


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