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Queensland teachers docked 18 weeks of pay for refusing COVID-19 vaccination

A four-page letter revealed the Education Department had initially proposed a 20-week pay cut but settled on 18 weeks after "carefully" considering submissions of disciplinary action.

Editor note: See how easily this could morph into a social credit system?

Hundreds of unvaccinated teachers in Queensland will have up to 18 weeks of their pay docked as a disciplinary measure for refusing the COVID-19 jab.

The decision was announced in a letter penned by Education Department Assistant Director General Anne Crowley which was emailed to staff on Monday.

The four-page letter said the department had initially proposed a 20 week pay cut but had settled on an incremental reduction over 18 weeks, reported The Courier Mail.

The Department said it had "lost trust" in the teachers and claimed they had "acted inappropriately" by ignoring the public health advice.


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