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Queensland Premier Referred to Human Rights Commissioner

Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk has come under plenty of fire from Australians over the past 18 months or so, as a result of her snap border closures as well as the ‘double-standard’ applied to granting exemptions for entering Queensland, with sports stars and celebrities favoured over Queensland residents and other Australian citizens.

Now, the Queensland Government has been referred to the Human Rights Commissioner for potential breaches of the Human Rights Act in denying Queenslanders the right to come home.

Queensland Opposition Minister Jarrod Bleijie has asked the Queensland Human Rights Commissioner, Scott McDougall, to “investigate the allegation of a human rights breach by the Palaszczuk Government regarding border restrictions that are denying Queenslanders their right to lawfully return to Queensland.”

Alleged breach of Queensland’s Human Rights Act

Mr Bleijie submits that refusing Queensland residents to the state breaches section 58 (1) (a) and section 58 (1) (b) of the Queensland Human Rights Act of 2019, which make it unlawful for a public entity to make a decision incompatible with human rights, or which fails to give proper consideration to a human right.

He also argues that every person within Queensland has the right to move freely within the state, enter it, leave it, and to choose where they live.

The Queensland Government has not only locked out it’s own residents during it;s latest harsh border closures, there have been instances of residents who have been unable to permanently relocate to the Sunshine State, and many instances where residents in Northern New South Wales have been stopped from entering Queensland, even for medical reasons, or to visit critically ill or dying family members.

Only recently, HR Commissioner McDougall himself called on the Queensland Government for more transparency around Covid border exemptions, and for a more consistent approach.

‘Hundreds of complaints’ against QLD border policies

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