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Puppets of Power - Political Grooming Schools for the Elite

The tiny gang of criminals with all the money that power can buy, and all the power that money can provide, want to hold on to their full-spectrum world domination.

Historically, they have used a range of techniques to ensure that key people, particularly politicians and royalty, are safely under their control.

Bribery is one possibility and many unprincipled individuals are quite prepared to sell their soul if the price is right.

But what happens if they start getting too greedy or unreliable? How many gifts will it take to keep them on board for the long term?

The manipulators may choose instead to lend money to their target, gaining a legal hold on the debtor. This works for institutions, such as nation-states, as well as for individuals, by the way.

Even better is to combine the use of bribery and debts with blackmail. The target has simply to be lured into a trap, such as involvement in dubious sexual activity.

The criminals have evidence of this serious misdemeanour and the possibility of it becoming known will shut the victim up for the rest of his or her life.

As a last resort, of course, there is always violence and the implied threat of violence for anyone stepping out of line or spilling the beans. “Dead men don’t talk”, as gangsters like to say.

While the global manipulators have successfully used combinations from this bag of tricks for centuries, it is a time-consuming process.

Rather than ambushing each new individual who arrives in the corridors of power, wouldn’t it be easier to take control of the supply of these individuals?


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