Pedo Peter Produced A Pack of Peaked Peepers

Installing a demented sniff and molest President with a criminal crackhead son owned by Ukraine and China through a fraudulent election...has consequences.

Get out your disinfectant wipes Good Citizens. Things are about to get icky.

There are fewer and fewer agreed-upon truths in our world today. So goes the war on nature, truth, and reality. One of the few that is indisputable is that the Biden crime family is downright creepy. Sick. Demented. Terminally ill. Ghosts and demons once in the closet are out in the open for all to see, or to be completely ignored if you’re in the corrupted yellow press.

The autistic misfits of 4chan did what the yellow press and FBI have failed to do for five years and leaked the contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud storage account. There’s nothing really shocking so far, in that it all perfectly aligns with what you’d expect from a degenerate crackhead son of a criminal degenerate Pedo Senator and former Vice President. It all squares with what was already leaked from the Macbook he left at a repair shop years ago.

Who drops off a laptop for repairs and forgets to pick it up?

Well, a crackhead of course. The smartest man Joe Biden knows.