Pandemic treaty to be front and centre at landmark WHO meeting

"The World Health Organization already has broad influence over nations through bi-lateral agreements and memorandums, but it now seeks to consolidate its power by creating a global Treaty that would resemble the Paris Accord on Climate Change. Offenders would be queued up for punishment." Technocracy News Editor Patrick Wood.

European leaders have been pushing for a global agreement to help guard against future health crises. But some countries balk at giving the UN body more power or signing on without access to vaccines, observers say.

When health ministers from around the world converge for a historic meeting this week, just one thing will be on the agenda.

On Monday, the governing body of the World Health Organization will begin only the second “special” session in the body’s 73-year history to consider whether some kind of treaty or agreement is needed to help fend off future pandemics.

The WHO and the European Union have been pushing for a “pandemic treaty” for months, with WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus repeating his pitch last week.

“The ongoing chaos of this pandemic only underlines why the world needs an ironclad global agreement to set the rules of the game for pandemic preparedness and response,” Tedros said on Wednesday.

“The world has treaties to manage other threats. Surely countries can agree on the need for a binding pact on the threat of pandemics.” But it is not yet certain whether countries will agree to head in this direction at the three-day meeting.