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Pandemic of the Double Dosed - The Notion of the Vaccine Passport is Destroyed by the Data

Vaccine Mandates are known to be ethically wrong in all but the most extreme cases and thats when the vaccines are fully approved; not in their clinical trial phase.

Most of the vaccine uptake now is firmly in the coercion stage.

By now the unparalleled rate of Death and other Adverse Events being reported on a per dose rate is becoming popular knowledge.

Nevertheless the power that Governments and individuals within those governments have in an emergency situation are enticing and not powers that they would want to give away.

In the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews is making a bid for PERMANENT EMERGENCY POWERS.

With a passport system to identify the vaccinated from the unvaccinated , Daniel Andrews may argue that he needs permanent powers to enforce such an essential (fly in the face human rights) safety measure for the community.

The data pulls the rug from under Daniel Andrew's plans and many other would-be permanent emergency power hungry individuals and organisations.

The Vaccine passport is sold on the premise you should not go to work, you should not travel, you should not even get a hair cut or come close to others if you are not vaccinated.

There are no off the shelf medications to treat Covid 19

for example: ⁣

There are no Antivirals that can be repurposed

for example ⁣

There are no Doctors with thousands of successfully teated patients

for example ⁣

There are no countries that have cut down Covid19 in its tracks by using low cost prophylaxis.

After all don't you listen to the news who would have reported on anything that could help in this terrible situation.

for example what has been compiled by a single man :

Sorry Dan Andrews and others, the Data can not be hidden forever and nor can the truth that doctors know how to treat it if you let them , Doctors know how to prevent it (without your vaccines, if you let them and the harm and misery that you are causing can not and will not be forgiven.

If this is the first time you have been aware of such data perhaps you should be reviewing medical websites that your government, your news networks, your search engines and your own doctors will not tell you about

You can start with

WATCH VIDEO (3.5 minutes)

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