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Our Fren Elon

He's such a swell guy. Isn't he?

Everyone’s having a field day watching the illiberals freak out over Twitter potentially have some level of “free speech” restoration applied in the wake of Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company and take it private.

And as usual, the hysteria of the crowd is blinding people to the truth.

For the third post in a row: Twitter has the highest concentration of retards anywhere in the digital universe.

But that’s only one truth.

In 2020 Elon Musk’s net worth was ~$30 Billion. One year later (you know what happened that year) he was worth $240 Billion.

Did he suddenly start mining rare earth metals on a nearby asteroid? No.

Did he sell more cars than the previous year? Barely. Toyota sold 10x more cars and trucks than Tesla, but if you combined the market capitalization of ALL the automobile manufacturers in the world, they were still worth less than Tesla.

Did Tesla motor company innovate some new kind of battery that could get 500 miles per charge? No.

Did Tesla introduce a new line of models to its fleet? No.

The company ranked 30th in consumer reports quality, and near the bottom in sales suddenly became more valuable than all the other car companies, plus a few airlines as well.

How did Tesla’s stock suddenly take off?

The lockdowners at home with their freshly downloaded Robinhood trading apps and their newly minted Government stimmy checks bought up Tesla stock like it was in 1999. Hedge funds and dumber funds followed. Everyone followed the fed largesse (inflation), the main street stimmy checks, the frothy market madness, and even with some well-timed fabricated company news tweets by the man himself voila Tesla stock went to the moon.


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