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Not Rare, Not Safe

Just a handful of stories from the many, many vaccine injured ... from Tammy

“I really wanted to hold off on posting this until I had a comprehensive diagnosis, but this constant barrage of ‘Get Vaccinated to Save Lives’ by the powers that be, is becoming too much for me to sit back and watch. So here is the story (so far).

On 19th October, I had my second Pfizer Vaccine. I suffered the normal aches, pains and flu like symptoms for 24 hours after that. Thinking I was out of the woods, on 22nd October, I was woken up by an intense ‘indigestion’ like pain, which further progressed into vomiting lots of pink (and later blood). I called 13 Health, who advised I go to hospital. I drove myself to hospital. As a constant reflux/heartburn sufferer, the only thing that was new was the pink vomit.

When I got to hospital, the drs began an array of different tests, which eventually indicated that my heart was suffering injury. The Dr proceeded to tell me I was about to have a heart attack. He was Wrong. My levels were on their way back down, so more than likely, I had just had a heart attack.

The next day, I celebrated () my 35th Birthday in hospital. I spent a week in hospital with multiple different tests which also diagnosed an inflammation in my heart, called Myocarditis. A known side effect of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.

Last week alone, the TGA of Australia, recognised 60 cases of this condition, caused by these vaccines. The original stats being provided by the government were far lower than these actual figures.


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